Innovative Technology Services

Prestructure Provides technology services to new companies, internal
innovation teams, and to non-technical founders.

We are based in Washington DC and have partners in
SanFrancisco, New York, Miami and the EU.


Prestructure advises companies and government agencies on blockchain technology.  

The first question we answer is:  Is distributed ledger technology relevant for my business objectives?  Our answers guide our clients to a deeper understanding of the following three “flavors” of block chain implementations:

Public Blockchain

Peer to Peer nodes, this ledger is globally available and anyone can download it, and read it. The data is still cryptographically secured.


Not fully public. This ledger is controlled by a pre-selected set of nodes, who have pre-approved permissions. Trusted nodes can sign off on transactions written to the blockchain.


While these might not be considered legitimate “blockchains” because permissions are centralized, Prestructure can evaluate potential cost-savings from leveraging private blockchain in your infrastrucutre.

Smart Contracts: Tokens and ICOs

Prestructure provides Step 1 advisory for the implementation of smart contracts to client processes. We focus on companies seeking to utilize security or utility tokens  to generate early-stage funding (ICOs) and build customer adoption by tokenizing products or services. Leverage Prestructure’s up-to-date insights into regulatory environments in and outside of the United States. 

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