Innovative Technology Services

Prestructure Provides technology services to new companies, internal
innovation teams, and to non-technical founders.

We are based in Washington DC and have partners in
SanFrancisco, New York, Miami and the EU.

Does your organization have Prestructure?

Prestructure’s focus is the intersection of data science and decision making. Our core practice is understanding and defining enterprise data sources, cataloging information assets, and building context around your data. ¬†These are crucial pillars to business today. With a strong framework, or prestructure, you can train and trust your organization’s data-driven decisions.

Data Practitioners

Most of our clients also seek to hire the best data practioners. Finding a data science professional is often just as difficult as vetting the candidates you receive.  Prestructure has a wide network (10,000+) of vetted candidates seeking both full time and contract engagements.