Innovative Technology Services

Prestructure Provides technology services to new companies, internal
innovation teams, and to non-technical founders.

We are based in Washington DC and have partners in
SanFrancisco, New York, Miami and the EU.

We wear many hats.

Early stage technology companies face many challenges around executing even the best new ideas. Our cross discaplinary experience allows founders to focus on key aspects of their company: mission, mantra, and culture. Obviously any founder is going to be involved in business development, partnerships and marketing, but Prestructure can help streamline and scale these initiatives.

While we able to apply our expertise to all facets of a company, our clients tend to fall into two categories:

Non-Technical Founders

Know the solution to your market’s pain point, but don’t have the code written? Prestructure can help you with finding technical co-founders or your MVP development team as well as:

  • MVP Specification
  • Technology Stack Evaluation
  • On-shore / Off-shore development analysis
  • Development Project planning
  • Code Review
  • VC Technical Due Diligence 

Technical Founders

If you are already passionately coding the next big diruption, Prestructure will cheer you on and keep you updated on key success drivers:

  • Competitive landscape
  • Regulatory environment
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Plan & Proforma models