Innovative Technology Services

Prestructure Provides technology services to new companies, internal
innovation teams, and to non-technical founders.

We are based in Washington DC and have partners in
SanFrancisco, New York, Miami and the EU.

Our Services

Data Science
& Ai

How can algorithms and data analysis
benefit your decision making?

Distributed ledger
& Blockchain

How does blockchain technology affect
the future of your business or
government agency?

Early Stage

What are the key milestones for your
start-up and how will you achieve them


How can your business or product not
only differentiate itself, but achieve a true
connection with your uesrs?

Our Partners

General Influence Artificial Intelligence

General Influence provides the Amplified ExpertiseTM platform to create Subject Matter
Expert trained Neural Networks.This unique Artificial Intelligence solution allows clients to
generate their own proprietary AI from their experts and data.

Block Next Ventures Blockchain

Block Next Venture provides a network of Distributed Ledger Technology professionals at
the protocal, smart-contract, Web3, and community levels.

Prestructure Strategy

Prestructure specializes in identifying core values, customer stories, and product market fit.
These key aspects define the direction of any start-up and if implemented properly, can not
only accelerate success, but also make the journey fulfilling.

Checkmate Digital Design Sprints

Prestructure and Checkmate believe that collaboration and data-driven validation build
better products, faster. By partnering with Checkmate, we can design and validate a new
product or offering in as little as 5 days.

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